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Understanding the Benefits of O3 Edge

O3 Edge is an intuitive prospecting solution for retirement plan advisors designed to give your practice a competitive advantage.

Quickly Identify Prospects

Impress plan sponsors with your knowledge of their plan. Our search tool presents detailed information on any U.S. retirement plan so you can identify the right prospects fast. Get unique insights on plan performance and current service providers to illuminate areas of opportunity.

Understand Your Options

While other prospecting services remain impersonal, we provide a dedicated plan expert ready to help you reach your goals. Together, we’ll make client and prospect plans come to life, exploring new strategies and opportunities you might not have considered or seen before.

Streamline Client Conversations

Our starter kit provides an arsenal of content designed to position you for success. Filled with information to help facilitate productive dialogue and grow your practice, it eliminates unnecessary prep and streamlines your client conversations.

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"Nothing is more rewarding than to see our advisors enjoy client success."

Mark Dzierzak, O3 Edge Retirement Plan Professional

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