Unique Features

O3 Edge gives you a unique competitive advantage with access to retirement plan expertise you can’t get anywhere else.

Search Tool Success

Identify the right prospects fast. Our database sources unique insights from over 700,000 U.S. retirement plans updated monthly. Look up form 5500 and filter retirement plan analytics based on criteria like location, plan type, service providers, and size of a plan by participants and plan assets.

Easily Identify Plans

Our advanced search filters make it simple to find the right plan prospects for you.

Summary of Plan Performance

Get 10 years of retirement plan analytics and performance insights in one report.

CRM Friendly Export

Transfer plan information and contact details to your CRM system seamlessly.

Manage Prospect Lists

Create a watchlist of plan prospects and receive notifications in real-time on plan updates.

Personal Plan Experts on Your Team

While other prospecting services can leave you to figure it out on your own, we provide one-on-one support to help you reach your goals. Our personal plan experts answer questions, break down retirement plan analytics, and provide observations to help you expand talking points and increase opportunities.

Gain Insight

Better understand your prospect's needs with an expert partner to help you examine retirement plan analytics and identify areas of opportunity.

Support Along the Way

Access a deep and wide bench of retirement plan experts to help you grow your business.

Jumpstart Growth

Our arsenal of content makes it easy for you to get started, identify the right prospects quickly and communicate your value clearly.

Educational Resources

Find topical content, helpful worksheets and more for identifying the right opportunities to grow your practice.

Meeting Ready Materials

Eliminate unnecessary prep and streamline your client conversations with these helpful dialogue documents.

Industry Trends

See the latest news, look up form 5500, and stay ahead of legislative updates and regulatory changes with trend reports that give you the information you need to advise your clients.

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What is the benefit of having my own personal plan expert?

As an O3 Edge advisor you will be matched with an elite qualified plan expert. They are here to help illuminate plan data for you and your clients. Your plan expert will also highlight additional areas of opportunity and offer recommendations for new ideas that may be of interest to your clients and prospects. Your personal plan expert will help you strategically identify which prospects align with your current goals and objectives.

What type of information is available?

You’ll have access to information that no other prospecting tool on the market is able to provide, backed by personal consulting and O3 Edge’s proprietary, intelligent technology. At the plan sponsor level, O3 Edge gives you company and contact data as well as a detailed snapshot of all plans under that EIN. At the plan level, we provide all the information you will need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the plan’s current state and where opportunities lie. O3 Edge efficiently summarizes data points such as plan characteristics, historical experience (including contributions, plan assets, participants, admin fees, PBGC premium fees and asset returns), de-risking activity, actuarial information (including the liability profile, AFTAP and FTAP), historical funding status, and service providers.

How detailed is O3 Edge plan information?

The retirement plan search tool provides a deep dive into insights on retirement plan analytics and past performance alongside the current state of the plan. Detailed plan performance, past de-risking activity, and information on current providers help tell the full story of any plan. And if at any point you want to dig a little deeper, a plan expert is just a phone call away.

What type of support is available to O3 Edge users?

In addition to the O3 Edge library of digital resources and our powerful search tool, you’ll have the full support of our team via phone and email. Our deep bench of world class retirement professionals can help answer questions, advise on strategy, and accelerate the growth of your advisory practice.

How does pricing work?

O3 Edge membership is an annual subscription, providing unlimited access to the suite of O3 Edge web tools. Based on your budget and preferences, you can purchase as many licenses as your team needs.